We offer a core three day ‘Organising for Change’ training for campaigners from grassroots groups and NGOs which focuses on:

1. Seeding the open, inclusive and liberatory culture we want to see in the world

We believe that in order to create the world we want through social change, we need to start with how we make that change happen. Our training is explicit about how we set the culture in the training room, and highlights the need for collective liberation from oppression. We offers frameworks, exercises and opportunities to reflect on how to bring these things to organising for change.

2. The basics of organising

We cover everything you need to start organising, from telling our stories to building strong relationships and community mapping. At the same time, we highlight how the training itself is organising and share all our tools and approaches in an open and accountable way.

3. Putting organising at the heart of campaigns for change

We explore different models for understanding power, what it means to put an organising strategy at the heart of campaigning for change, why this is such a powerful approach, and how to transition from a more directive and centre led mobilising approach.