The world is changing, power is shifting. With the far right on the rise and a corresponding surge of activism on the other end of the political spectrum, it’s a scary and uncertain time, but also one filled with exciting possibilities.

Traditional campaign ‘best practice’ isn’t working - these tumultuous political times provide the perfect opportunity for organisations and grassroots groups to re-think their strategy and try a fresh approach. It’s time to build alternative sources of power to win the world we want, rather than just targeting existing power structures with the same tired tactics.

Social movements have succeed when they have a healthy ecosystem of many actors taking different approaches. Whilst organising (nurturing grassroots leadership) has re-emerged as a strategic way to escalate our movements, the practice of this is not yet strongly embedded or widely understood.

An organising approach is needed more now than ever before - to build power, sustain momentum, shift public opinion and seed a new culture.

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